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Ở of some ngày hay chỉ dừng lại? Đừng bỏ lỡ giải thích explain what điểm to provide of you, this is the following điều following gợi ý cho those điều cần thiết cho khám phá, xem and làm.

Tòa án -Relaxation and can
tòa án + JacuzziTennis
+ cứng
+ quần vợt sân quần vợt ngoài trời

- Các hoạt động thể thao khác
+ Các cơ sở Cầu lông
+ Billiards / Snooker
+ Bóng rổ
+ Volley cơ sở bóng
+ xe đạp thuê thiết bị

- Bãi biển and thể thao dưới nước
+ Kayaking
+ Jet trượt tuyết
trượt tuyết + nước
+ Bãi biển riêng
+ Thuyền du NGOẠN
+ Các cơ sở Sailing
+ Xương
+ Sâu cá biển / Biển đánh cá
+ trung tâm lặn biển Snorkelling / Scuba

- Lịch sử and di sản quốc gia
- Viện Bảo Tàng
+ NHA TRANG BẢO Tang: 1.00 km

from 10 $

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Nha Trang 4 Island Boat Trip

This is probably the most popular tour of Nha Trang; some hate it others love it! Sure, you will see 4 islands but actually visit only 2 (and pay a small fee to enter). The main interesting part would be the open water snorkelling, the buffet served on the boat, the dancing and singing and of course the booze served at the floting bar!  If you are looking for a day on the beautiful Nha Trang Bay and partying this day trip is highly recommended!
Departure time: around 8h30 from your hotel
Arrival time: around 16h45

8h30- 8h45: Pick you up from your hotel and transport to Nha Trang harbor.
9h00 : Leaving for Mun island, the exciting boat start, we spend 45’to get to Mun island
We have one and haft hour at Mun island to observe the structure of salangane island and enjoy snorkeling on the extraordinary coral reefs which are covered with the multicolored fishes.
11h30 : Leaving for Mot island
Have lunch with many excellent dishes, enjoying the floating     bar with big fun.
14h00: Getting to Tam island and take a rest at Tam Resort  You can enjoy the fruit party and also some water sport.
15h45: Back to Tri Nguyen Aquarium
 Visiting aquarium and seeing sea biology inside Neptune’s place with  hundred of fishes.
16h45 : Land at the harbor then back to the hotel.